Privacy & Your Data

Privacy & Your Data

Ramajay iRadio treats your data and privacy with the same respect we would expect from other companies. Our website uses cookies and scripts to help deliver secure and engaging content to your browser. We hope you do not mind and presume you are aware that most, if not all, websites do use cookies.

What It Does

We are not going to get all technical about this but, Ramajay iRadio did not create WorldPress software or any plugins in use. Cookies track the pages you have been using either as a registered user or as an anonymous user. This helps your browser do things like;

  1. access previous pages faster
  2. ensure your details are passed to the plugins e.g. if you register for an event
  3. stops the plugins from asking you to logging in over and over
  4. provides proof to the plugins and other services e.g. Twitter, that you are who you say you are (with reason)

Our reports depend on cookies and scripts to tell us;

  1. pages on the website are popular so we keep those pages freshly update.
  2. browsers and versions are hitting the website so we can fine tune content for speed

Those are just some examples of what we know the software, cookies and plugins do.

Privacy Notice

The Ministry of Soca responsible for managing the data on this website. We do not

  • sell your data to anyone
  • automatically email or auto-register anyone for third-party services or products
  • process your details internally, but only if you select options e.g. to receive emails.

There are times we will have to disclose information to the security services. However, this information will only be released when have been served an appropriate court order with clear details of the information to release.

Data Protection & Security

This section is largely for registered users but will be useful for unregistered users too.

We do ask for the bare minimum to register and recommend that you keep the information to a minimum. WordPress and their plugin developers to update their code with security fixes. With that said we do;

While WordPress and their plugin developers do update their code with regular security fixes, we do;

  1. ensure all updates are applied, usually within 72 hours of notice
  2. report issues to the relevant developer i.e. WordPress and/or plugin developer
  3. Disable plugins where it is believed the website can be seriously compromised and thus compromise your data.

The Ministry of Soca and staff at Ramajay iRadio take data security seriously. Although we are dependent on others to deliver content via their code, we also depend on you to take precautions e.g. do not share your password with anyone. Contact our data officer using the Contact Us form, under the About menu or click here.